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SINCE  2015

​​                            L. & H. Pottery
                            Roseville, Ohio

                                by Greg Mathis

    Several potteries operated nearby Roseville, Ohio until around 1954. Some continued, producing novelty art ware and yard/garden bird clip-on decorations. Potteries and dealers, outside Ohio, purchased various decorative bird ornaments from the L. & H. Pottery, Roseville, Ohio. These items remained very popular and in high demand for decades.
      Fleet Barnett retired in the early 1950s and left partner John McQuillan in charge of the Ruckels Pottery declining operation at White Hall, Illinois. Then, Ruckels dealt only in yard/garden ware and decorations. Mr. McQuillan passed away ten years later and the Ruckels Pottery closed. Very conceivably, the L. & H. Pottery sold clip-on bird ornaments to Ruckels, nearby White Hall businesses, and hardware stores. A former employee at Ruckels recalled the clip-on cardinals being sold at Ruckels.
     Surfacing in an old barn at a Colorado farm estate auction were L. & H. Pottery factory boxes (pictured above) containing 28 clip-on cardinals, 40 blue jays, and 30 robins. All were vintage, in original “new-like” condition, and each wrapped in their original thin factory deteriorating tissue paper. cc: 1960s.