FOR SALE: 10" diameter Blue White Stoneware Apple Blossom Butter or Pastry Crock with lid. Excellent mold detail and color. In exceptionally excellent, used condition. The Apple Blossom Butter Crock is illustrated (erroneously as a pastry crock), on page 104, bottom, of the 1996 (2001) Collector's Encyclopedia of Salt Glaze Stoneware. Collector Books. Paducah, KY. 246 pp., authors Terry Taylor and Terry & Kay Lowrance. It is listed with a value of $900 to $1,000. We offer this excellent 10" diameter Apple Blossom Butter Crock with lid for $725 with free shipping. Payment by check or money order. More pictures available via email. Steve & Karen Stone, phone 303.690.8649, email


FOR SALE: Basketweave "Put Your Fist In" Cookie Jar Canister with lid. Excellent mold detail and color. I do believe the jar is about factory mint, there is one really weensy greenish discolored area on the inside top rim. Not certain what’s going on but there it is. We offer this excellent Basketweave Put Your Fist In Cookie Jar with lid for $725 with free shipping. Payment by check or money order. More pictures available via email. Steve & Karen Stone, phone 303.690.8649, email


WANTED Buying antiques and estates as well as stoneware. Will buy one piece or a house full.

                       Please call Burley or Tammy  573.368-6175  or


WANTED: White Hall Stoneware, WHSP&S, Blueband, Ruckels, Butter churns, Ice waters, Cakes and Breads. 

                Please call Sam & Fran Miller 618.729-2077  or


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WANTED:  Monmouth Pottery Company miniature salesman sample butter churn & Western  Stoneware Company, Weir Lock, 1/2 pint jar with Maple Leaf mark - same size as  the "As You Like It Horseradish" jar.                             Please call David Hays at 573-473-2322 or email


WANTED: Interesting informative information, pictures, and articles relative to Old Sleepy Eye collectables and  the Blue & White stoneware, the potteries, and potters. These are important and welcomed to enhance our wonderful club newsletter produced by Tammy Green for the enjoyment of all members.                   Please contact Tammy by email


WANTED: Planning and preparation is underway for the 2017 Annual Convention. Another superb auction is anticipated to consist of many quality items and great buys. Please contact Auction Manager Burley Green about any questions and items you have, and about submissions you want included. 

                                     Please contact Burley by email


WANTED: Lid for Blue and White  (light blue) Flying Birds pattern cracker  jar.  

                                      Please contact Greg  at



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SINCE  2015

FOR SALE: September 9-11, 2011 edition RIA pottery catalog in like new condition.  Contains 77 pages of photos of various local potteries and their products. $17.00 includes shipping. Wally Pfeifer (815-584-2378) or or 115 N Clinton St., Dwight IL 60420.

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FOR SALE*** Early 1900's Western Stoneware marked/stamped 1 quart poultry waterer/fount/bell, no under tray. Measures 7-1/2" tall and 6" across the bottom. Top half is Bristol glaze, bottom half is brown. The Maple Leaf and WESTERN STONEWARE stamp is in blue, stronger towards the edges. There are two infinitesimal glaze flakes on the front bottom rim, mentioned only for accuracy. These 1 quart poultry waterers are exceedingly tough to find. In 40+ years collecting these little waterers this is only the second I've seen. $185 with free shipping. CONTACT Steve & Karen Stone, PHONE 303.690.8649, email

​                                                                       * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

FOR SALE: Handles and wooden lids for your Blue & White stoneware. Send SASE for flier to Larsen's Collectables, 757 120th Street, Hampton, IA 50441-7555  or

                                                Please call 641.866-6733


WANTED: Monmouth Pottery animals for our collection. Blue sponged pig, cows & calves & and any other oddities.  Missouri made stoneware.   

                     Please call Burley & Tammy Green 573.368-6175 or


WANTED: Red Wing cherryband advertising pitchers. Western scroll and leaf pitcher w/advertising. Daisy jardinière without the pedestal, Greek key salt lid.  

                   Please call Ken & Rhonda Blackburn 270.898-6261 or


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

WANTED: B&W or B&Yellow   10 to 10-1/2 inch lid (photo below). Lid has embossed pine boughs and pine cones. CALL Steve & Karen Stone 303-690-8649, email

WANTED: Overlap lid for Indian and Deer with Teepee crock. Outside about 6".

                 Please call Lela Sago  636.937-7248  or  

                                (note - the number 1 is a lower case L)


FOR SALE:  "POTTERY TOWN, White Hall, Illinois" 384 page hardback reference book, produced on highest quality materials.   $160 includes professional packaging and S/H/I.  Please contact Greg  at 618.974-2490, or email

FOR SALE:  Albany slip Missouri scratch min jug inscribed "Frank Lind / 807 Franklin Ave. / St. Loiuis, Mo." Mint condition.  This location is a few blocks from the St. Louis Arch.    $190 includes professional packaging and S/H/I with tracking. Please contact Greg at or 618.974-2490 .

          WANTED: B&W Stoneware Peacock chamber pot.

                            Brush McCoy "Indian Village" pitcher.

Please contact Steve & Karen Stone, 303.690.8649, email


FOR SALE: Blue & White, Red Wing, and UHL Commemoratives. Different years. 

                   Please call Cleo Dimmitt  574.965-2938


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275 page hardback reference book, produced on highest quality materials.  $160 includes professional packaging and S/H/I. Please contact Greg at 618.974-2490, or email

FOR SALE: Over 1000 new price guides including many on pottery and stoneware as well as all field of collectables. We accept Visa, MC, and Discover Card and will ship everywhere. Mon-Sat, Noon - 5PM. Thanks, Joyce Steiner, Plymouth Rock Antiques, 201 W. Summer, Plymouth, IL 62367 or or www.plymouthil.comWe also have a nice Bed and Breakfast facility, if in the area.


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FOR SALE:   Reference hardback book highlighting ceramics and histories of the Kirkpatrick potteries, including their Anna Pottery.  "The Family, Kilns, & Stoneware of Kirkpatrick" by Greg Mathis is a limited publication (< 100 hardback copies produced on premium quality materials, and contains 440 pages with over  500 images). This great collectable is certain to enhance your Midwestern stoneware and reference library. Price  of $180 includes professional packaging, S/H/I, and tracking. Please contact Max or Linda Eakin at 618.973-0100 or  ,    or Greg at 618.974-2490   


WANTED:  Beaded Rose mug, Beaded Rose soap dish (with or without cover),      Peacock chamber   pot.                  Steve & Karen Stone, phone 303.690.8649, email