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President              Max & Linda Eakin              Glen Carbon ,IL
Vice President      Ken & Rhonda Blackburn    Calvert City, KY

Secretary              Ken & Mary Kay Molfese      Tinley Park, IL 
Treasurer              Rich & Nancy Jogerst            Lena, IL          

Newsletter Editors    Burley & Tammy Green    Owensville, MO

Board Member     Susie Reicheneker                 Elmwood, IL     
Board Member     Jerianne Feiten / John Kincade  Kewaskum, WI

Board Member     Greg & Terry Skelton           Church Hill, TN

Board Member     Ray & Kathy Goodell                Vermont, IL  
Board Member     Hellen & Bob Taylor                Greenfield, IL  

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      Blue & White Pottery / Old Sleepy Eye Collectors Club

A standard component of American households in the first half of the 20th Century were pieces of stoneware pitchers, bowls, salt boxes, butter tubs, kitchen canisters, umbrella stands, chamber pots, slop jars, and other kitchen utilitarian use items. Today, highly collectable are the pieces featuring elaborately decorated, embossed, incised, or stenciled scenes of flowers, trees, forests, birds, animals, and people. The variety of these ceramic wares is endless and are treasured. They are actively sought by collectors of Blue & White, Old Sleepy Eye, UHL, Red Wing, Blue & Grey, Spongeware, and Whites Utica. Many members also seek a plethora of 19th Century salt glazed and Albany slipped vessels, presentation pieces, and figurals having been produced by potteries operating within Midwestern states and America. 

The Officers, Board, and Membership of the Blue & White Pottery / Old Sleepy Eye Collectors Club, thank you for visiting our site.  Please consider joining our organization and sharing your knowledge and the common interest and passion about stoneware. For more specific details contact any board member.  A complementary membership is offered to "new joining" members.                                                        Please access the red MEMBERSHIP tab (at right). 



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From our President's Desk

  • I Am a Pilgrim3:03
  • Church In the Wildwood2:47

                       Beautiful tall "STUPID PITCHER" pattern!  

         Diffused blue horizontal bands, blue sponging, and

                               vertical cobalt filled groves.  

SINCE  2015