Sample of pint jugs bearing impressed base mark "Belleville Pottery."

(Mounce, Eva; Checklist of Illinois Potters and Potteries; Plate 7, p.23; 1987)

2 Gallon Saltglazed Necked Jar with typeset stamp "Belleville, Ills." and sharp everted rim.

Earthenware and Stoneware of 19th Century Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois

Vessels attributed to the Jacob Stizelberger Pottery

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Colonel Casimir Andel was one of the first citizens of Belleville, and during a period of more than sixty years one of the most prominent and best known men of St. Clair County and Southern Illinois. He was prominent in business, political and military circles. He participated in some of the most hard fought battles of the Civil War, and a soldier in the front line.  During the Spanish-American War he was commissioned as a Colonel and given command of an Illinois regiment. Following his military service, Colonel Andel was for many years the cashier, and later the president, of the First National Bank of Belleville. In this position he won the enviable reputation and title of a successful business man. The business of the First National Bank of Belleville was built up largely under his executive direction. He was first elected cashier of the First National Bank of Belleville in 1874. Colonel Andel’s  Belleville business aquistions include the Belleville Clay Mining, Washing, and Pottery Company.

Half pint bulbous hand turned jug with impressed base stamp "BELLEVILLE POTTERY." Above photo courtesy of Emma Kunz House' Belleville History Museum, Belleville, Illinois.

4 gallon saltglazed  jar bearing ribed lug handles and multi impressed ornately  borderred  stamptings

          "J. STIZELBERGER"

The Belleville Clay Mining, Washing, & Pottery Company. Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois

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