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​Peacock and Lovebird Jardiniers

SINCE  2015

                Peacock and Lovebird Jardinières
                            by Steve and Karen Stone
    The Peacock and Lovebird series of kitchen and table use stoneware pieces are well known to the advanced collector as well as to those just starting to build collections. In one form or another something in these lines almost always pops up.
     Although most all Peacock pieces were decorated in blended blue and white it seems the most frequently seen pieces are the pitcher, salt, and butter with the McCoy Nurock (kinda like a brown sponge) glaze; rarely seen yellowware Peacock pieces are also to be found.
     The Peacock jardiniere is seldom found; it stands 6 inches tall with a top diameter of 7-1/2 inches. The jardiniere carries forward the well known elements of other Peacock pieces to include peacocks strutting atop a brick wall, gushing fountains, palm trees in the background, a row of beads encircling the top, and the seams are covered/disguised by Doric columns.
     The Lovebird jardiniere is found in two sizes. The smaller size stands 6-1/4 inches tall with a top diameter of 7-1/2 inches. Fully opened flowers surround the top and bottom rims. The two classic lovebirds (as on the pitcher, etc.) are perched on a branch and on each side they are framed with stems sporting leaves and opened flowers. The mold seams are covered by a raised strip of clay.
     The larger Lovebird jardiniere stands 7-1/4 inches tall with a top diameter of 8-1/4 inches. There are subtle design differences between the two sizes with the exception of the lovebirds that are the same on both jardiniere sizes. On this larger jardiniere the lovebirds are highlighted by a raised oval border surrounding them and the branch upon which they are perched. The open flowers surrounding the top and bottom jardiniere rims are highlighted by a small design accent between them and along their bottoms. On the sides of this jardiniere there are artistically styled stems and flowers. As with the smaller jardiniere, the mold seams are covered by a raised strip of clay.
     Known colors of the Peacock and both sizes of Lovebird jardiniere include solid brown, solid green, and blended brown and green. A pedestal is not known for either the Peacock or Lovebird jardinières.
      It seems remarkable that both potteries, Brush-McCoy for the Peacock and A.E. Hull for the Lovebird, went to great lengths to manufacture a good number of pieces in each series decorated in blue and white, yet both the Peacock and Lovebird jardinieres are not known in blue and white, just brown, green, and blended brown and green. This is not to say blue and white forms do not exist. Blue and white jardinieres certainly could exist, if only as a lunch hour piece or Friday afternoon whimsy. As time marches on and with more eyes out there looking it would not be surprising to find a blue and white Peacock or Lovebird jardiniere.