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Rare Burley-Winter pitcher, swan on obverse, leaping deer on reverse.

     Three Pieces Of The Apple Blossom Washroom Set
                                               by Steve and Karen Stone
      A description of the Apple Blossom line was published in the 2005 Antique Trader Stoneware and Blue & White Pottery Price Guide. Kyle Husfloen, ed.
       The 13 piece Apple Blossom washroom line was produced in the early 1900's by the Burley-Winter Pottery Company, Ohio. Kitchen pieces were also produced such as a covered salt crock, a covered butter crock of various sizes, assorted sizes of bowls, and a spittoon. The salt crock and bowls are to be found with some frequency, other pieces not so much.
        Among the most difficult to find Apple Blossom items are the three washroom pieces -- the shaving mug, the brush vase, and the covered soap dish. The mug stands 3-3/4 inches tall; the brush vase is 5 inches tall; and the covered soap dish measures 2-1/4 inches to the top of the bar handle finial and with a diameter of 5-1/4 inches. The photos accompanying this article illustrate the mug, brush vase, and covered soap dish which have not been illustrated in previous books covering blue and white stoneware.

The swan and leaping deer pitchers  are framed in a leaf medallion and feature beaded handles.

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The Burley and Winter Pottery Company was a great American pottery company located in Crooksville, Ohio. Burley-Winter started its business in 1872 and it lasted until the mid 1930’s. Like many American pottery companies no longer in business, Burley-Winter’s early items included functional stoneware utility vessels, such as thunder mugs, chamber pots, slop buckets, tankards, cuspidors poultry fountains,chick feeders, pitchers and bowls, jugs, and crocks.

 Many early pottery pieces have a heart symbol and embossed name on the bottom. Some pieces have an incised Burley Winter name and mold number on the bottom, and many others have no mark.

 Later Burley-Winter items feature distinctive blended glazes on attractive gardenware and art pottery like urns, bulb bowls, jardinaires, oil and sand jars, vases, strawberry pots, bird bath and garden pool ornaments. BW also sold Halloween pottery pumpkins, cookie jars, and bean pots.  Burley-Winter appears to have sold its products to numerous companies as well as individual customers. Some of their customers would have been farmers, florist shops, creameries, dairies, chemical companies, Kresges, and pickle companies.

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The Burley-Winter Pottery Company